Centre de Formació Profesional

Sharon's English   : Curs Adults 1 dia a la setmana de 20:30 a 22h.

Aprèn anglès de forma seriosa i divertida, amb professorat nadiu i amb molta experiència. 

Cal donar molta importància a les habilitats de comprensió i expressió en l’ús de la llengua

Informa't sense compromís

Hello! My name is Sharon.  I have been teaching English to children and adults in Balaguer for 35 years now.  During this time more than 2000 pupils have attended my classes and more than 90% have obtained a high level in their studies and a good preparation for their work environment and professional careers.
These last couple of years have been difficult for everyone, however, English is still an important tool in our everyday lives i.e facebook, Instagram, internet, video games and so on.
Our methodology is especially designed to prepare students for the different linguistic skills that are evaluated in the Cambridge exams (A2 KEY, B1 PRELIMINARY, B2 FIRST CERTIFICATE, C1 ADVANCED) with a pass rate of 95% year after year.
The teaching staff are native speakers. This being of vital importance in giving the students an awareness of different pronunciations in the British Isles.  Ray is my current teacher, accompanying me on the students' journey to knowledge of the English language.
Conversational English is an important part, but we must not forget that grammar, listening, reading and writing are too.  They all carry the same weight when obtaining a Cambridge certificate.
Our classrooms are spacious, air conditioned and are well ventilated.  They all comply to current safety regulations.
You are welcome to come and meet us and try out our classes for a few days.  There will be new groups in September.
Last but not least, I would like to convey my gratitude to all the families and students who continue to put their trust in us and have supported us throughout the years.